In 2014/15 Volleyball Australia (VA) implemented the Australian Beach Volleyball Ranking System (ABVRS) and over the past 2 summers has helped deliver a more integrated structure to the sport around Australia.  In 2017, the FIVB will be making some significant changes to the Beach Volleyball World Tour which will see new levels of events with new terminology rolled out. 

To align with our peak body (FIVB) and to continue the structure and growth of the ABVRS, Volleyball Australia is rolling out The Australian Beach Volleyball Ranking System – Generation 2 (ABVRS – G2) which will see a clearer, more flexible and more inclusive approach to events and the athletes who play.


The aim of the ABVRS – G2 is:

  • to capitalise on what has already been successful through the ABVRS
  • to align with the FIVB recognising them as our peak body
  • to create an inclusive structure available to all Beach Volleyball Delivery Centres
  • to have more detailed information pertaining to each rating level
  • to give all VA Stakeholders including member states & sponsors more guarantees and targets to maximise their impact and involvement.
  • to maintain or increase flexibility for each Beach Volleyball Delivery Centre to set their own event / competition plans including business plans, regulations and seeding policies

The ABVRS – G2 will allow for a greater flexibility for VA to include events and give delivery centres the choice as to where they would like to focus their efforts based on their own ambitions and business plans.  It is also a tool to encourage every delivery centre to engage with VA and create an inclusive approach to the growth of the sport. 

It is important to highlight that it is not expected that any current event, tour, series or competition will be able overlay exactly what is being delivered into the new system.  The intension of the ABVRS – G2 is to build on a Nationally focused event and competition system which will in turn create a much wider and marketable product for the entire sport.  Some changes and compromises may be required.


The 2016/17 summer will be played using the ABVRS – G2.  Any events already completed will be entered retrospectively.  This is a living document and will be updated throughout the season with the expectations for 2017/18 to be released mid-2017.

By fast tracking the ABVRS – G2 into the 2016/17 calendar, we will be able to use this year to trial the system and get on the front foot for 2017/18 allowing for a much-improved product into a highly marketable era focusing around the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Current Rankings (1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017)

Note that more events are being added constantly and this will be regularly updated.

Futher information can be found here.